Airtel vs. Vodafone - Clash of the Titans

Published: 03rd September 2009
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They are the two best brands in the Indian Telecommunications Scene and they hold the maximum part of the market. They are called AIRTEL and VODAFONE. They are unarguably the best services providers in the market and the users swear by there names. But a heady comparison between the two will take the veil off the secret that which one of them is better. And the areas of comparison will comprise of connectivity, services, charges and features of the connection.

Vodafone, ever since it entered the Indian market through its purchase of Hutch in India has posed a threat to Airtel but it's taken a while to get off the ground. Of course it's helped them that Hutch had a pretty good user base as well.

Now the fight has intensified onto the network services market. Both Airtel and Vodafone have been trying to get people to use their network for everything from cricket commentary to horoscope alerts. Morning prayer songs to dating advice is now available but at a monthly rental fee which is how both companies plan to make money.

Airtel's GPRS service is good. Vodafone GPRS charges are highly unreasonable but when it comes to range & network Vodafone is bang on target unlike Airtel whose network keeps on breaking especially in a local train.

On one side there is the best connectivity services provided by Airtel and on one side there are economical and value based services provided to the users by Vodafone. So in the conclusion it can be said that since both the parties are the best players and they keep on launching different valuable schemes so it can be said that whatever the case may be, the user is always has the best of both the options.

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